Vera Whistler
Curriculum Vitae                                         
 Visual Arts

2000-2003    Workshops and studies  in painting and sculpting at the SKVR in Rotterdam
2003-2011    Ceramic Art study  with different masterclasses and teachers at “de Vrije    Academie “ in The Hague
2007    Masterclass from Loek Grootjans at “de Vrije Academie”
2007    Performance with 200 kilo clay at “de vrije Academie”
2008    Performance with my paper-work at  “de vrije Academie”
            Exhibition at “De Appel” in The Hague
2008-2010    Post-academic  art study  “DNA”  in The Hague
2010    Performance in “Stardust”van Piet Rogie
            Performances  with different materials as clay,paint, charcoal and paper at “de vrije Academie” in The Hague
            Performances: ”Traces of Light”at “de Vrije Academie”in The Hague
2010    Exhibition at” Quartiar “ in the Hague
2009    Art study in Berlin, Artist in residence at “Kulturwerk  des Berufsverbandes Bildender Künstler”. Berlin department “Bildhauerwerkstatt”, initiators Moki Last and Hans Könings.
2010    Exhibition at “Swan Day Festival” in Berlin
2011    Exhibition at my atelier in Rotterdam
2012    Exhibition at” Galerie Helder” in The Hague,     
            Exhibition at” Radboud” University in Nijmegen .
2013    Performance with chewing-gum in SKVR in Rotterdam.
            Performance in More Shami’s film:” Love-ism “dansateliers in Rotterdam.
2013    Exhibition at” Kralingse kunst route” in Rotterdam
2014-2015    Performance in “Schwalbe zoekt massa” tour in the Netherlands and  in         Belgium.
           Performance  and  exhibition at  “Sacarest” in Spain.
2015   Performance in” Cycles”,a video-production from Miloushka Bokma.
    Performance,photo-session  and film from Paul Sixta.                

2016    Exhibition at” Galerie Kralingen” in Rotterdam                    
2017    Exhibition at” Galerie Helder “ in the Hague
2017    Exhibition at “Kralingse Kunstroute” in Rotterdam
2017    Exhibition at  the  Arboretum in Rotterdam
2018    Exhibition at "Galerie Doen" in Rotterdam

2019    Exhibition at "showroom Doen" in Rotterdam

            Exhibition at "Galerie Zone" in Leiden

    solo Exhibition at "Spirit, de Groene Passage" in Rotterdam

2020    Exhibiton at "showroom Doen " in Rotterdam

   solo  Exhibition at "Atelier Cathrien Sturm" in Naarden-Bussum

   solo  Exhibition at "Galerie Maaskoe" in Rotterdam

   solo  Exhibition at "Nivonhuis" in Rotterdam

2021    Exhibition Wintersalon at "Galerie Maaskoe" in Rotterdam

            Exhibition at "Trompenburg" in Rotterdam


           Nieuw Dakota  Amsterdam : Photo of one of my ceramic vases

2009        Ceramic objects  for the garden of  “de Vrije Academie” initiators: Hans van Lunteren 
        and Ingrid Rollema.
2007        “Masterclass” from Loek Grootjans in the Hague
2009        Rob Top: ” Westers Sjamanisme en de vision quest”
2012        Radboud University : “Tentoonstellingen” in  Nijmegen
2012        “Galerie Helder” : “ On the surface”  in the Hague
2017        “Vera Witleer”:  works from 2014-2017
2018        “Vera  Witleer” , 2e print and  new version